Ze Radcliffe Fanfare

Eastern-Townships based Brass Band
Ain't no Party like a Radcliffe Party

On june 6th we are launching "En Cavale"

It’s been 6 years. 6 years of roving in quebec’s streets. 6 years bringing to life a not-enough heard music. The music of the streets, the music of the people. 6 years bringing dance in community fests, festivals, parks and bars. We’re now settling in your living room for a bit, if you want. 

When it’s grey in the sky or in your head, when quitting bed isn’t an option, press play and bring the joy of the street parties in your home. 

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prochains spectacles

15 Juin, PM : Commission Brassicole  - St-Casimir

21 Juin : Événement privé

22 Juin : Événement privé

20 Juillet : Concerts de la Cité - Carré Strathcona, Sherbrooke


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